Who are PTA/PTSA’s student leaders?

Students who are committed to improving their school. 

Does that sound like YOU? If the answer is yes, then join your PTA/PTSA. 

Why should I join PTA/PTSA?

PTA/PTSA membership gets you a seat at the table with school decision-makers:

  • Parents
  • School leaders 
  • Community members 

At all levels, but especially the secondary grade level – student voices must inform that conversation as equal members with an equal vote. That’s why you should add PTA/PTSA to your student leadership resume. You will gain experience in leadership, advocacy, public speaking, teamwork, event planning – all while improving your school. 

In many places, PTA/PTSA student leaders earn community service hours for their contributions to the organization. Find out if that is possible through your PTA/PTSA.  

How do I join? 

It’s easy! Here are the steps:

  1. Contact your PTA/PTSA President or Board to share why you want to help support student success and how you would engage your peers in improving your school. 
  2. Ask what your PTA/PTSA is planning for the year and decide with other PTA/PTSA leaders where student perspectives and leadership are important. Help to survey students and make recommendations to inform key decisions.
  3. Get connected to other PTA/PTSA student leaders nationwide through our #PTSAProud Network. 
  4. Share your success! We want to spotlight your efforts as part of our #PTSAProud student leader movement. Email how you’ve engaged other students to improve your school at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How does National PTA support PTA/PTSA student leaders? 

In the months ahead, the National PTA and its Youth Involvement Committee will roll out a number of strategies to support your efforts.

When you join the #PTSAProud Network, you will be the first to learn about:

  • Recruitment tools to engage new PTA/PTSA student leaders
  • Leadership events, such as PTA/PTSA Youth Summits across the country
  • Programs for PTA/PTSA student leaders, such as Connect for Respect 
  • Advocacy alerts on issues that affect your education – now, and in the future
  • #PTSAProud Spotlights of PTA/PTSA student leaders from across the country

So do it – join the #PTSAProud Network today!